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Publisher: Terrain


Price: 7,00 €

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Type: Folded
Size (Closed): 13 X 25
Size (Opened): 70 X 100
Scale: 1: 200.000
Publish date: 2012


  •  978-9609456----
  •  978-9609456----


First , is the only map that is accurate for western Crete .
It is the ideal map for planning your trip, but also the journey itself if you belong to the 99 % of visitors to Crete not intend to follow the smallest dirt road to discover the most remote beach on the island ! It is a very convenient because the map scale 1:200,000 allows a detailed presentation of the road network and the sights , without tiring with details of interest only explorers travelers .

To create this map file based on the series of 1:100,000 maps that we adopt for Crete , we removed all secondary dirt roads and a bunch of streets that were not necessary , grew symbols and thickness of roads to be more prominently we did a little more vibrant colors, , and we made the best generic map circulating on the island !

Of course we included detailed maps of the four major cities of Crete , who noted including all hotels.

Built on the map there is a detailed alphabetical index of place names . On the map , we emphasized in yellow the major attractions of Crete , but we put wreaths and Baked ( author of the travel guide " Unexplored Crete) to write a list of the top 20 attractions and basic information about them . Course
like all great maps TERRAIN, and this is printed on " paper " Polyart not torn and is 100 % waterproof !