1. Pelekanakis Book and Paper Store

Pelekanakis Book and Paper Store

Starting with the creation of a printing services shop in 1932, Kostas Pelekanakis had a solid base for a long course that was later reinforced by his wife Eirini with the creation of the books and stationery shop on the ground floor of the Halidon 98 street building.
In 2008 the business has moved premises. Nowadays, it is located just across the old building in Halidon 89 Street. Within the new and renovated site customers are enabled to find all the products that Pelekanakis Books & Paper Store have covered since 1932. Within the lower level there is a  selection of school and office equipment alongside a variety of artist’s supplies. The ground floor has a sophisticated collection of international and Greek literature, traveler’s guide books, maps and post-cards.


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In 2008, Pelekanakis Books and Paper Store alongside Mystis Editions have formed a partnership in order to best serve the customers. With the development of the electronic bookstore we aim to deliver our books worldwide.
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