1. Mystis Company

Mystis Company

Mystis company has operated for more than 25 years in the Cretan market in the field of tourism publications, with a clientele that outnumbers the 750 companies and we supply the whole of Crete .
In the best and most comprehensive coverage of business needs we supply , we enter into exclusive partnerships with publishers abroad covering all needs immediately and responsibly. The activity of Mystis Company, however, extends to the wider availability and circulation of Greek versions . In collaboration with publishers from all over Greece we have the ability to move each existing Greek version in the Cretan market.
However Mystis Company delivers its own editions. The field of our publications is mainly travel and archaeological guides , maps , architectural and photographic albums, books about nature , folklore Crete , Cretan poetry and literature, Cretan gastronomy , mythology and more. Mystis Publishing house welcomes and supports new authors throughout Crete, enhancing their efforts to publish and distribute their books everywhere in Crete, Greece and the rest of the world.
Additionally, we have an autonomous creative and translation department that is able to make accurate foreign language translations in an elaborate and diverse content.
It is important to mention that in passing the island market various Greek and a foreign publication on this contributes significantly to the dissemination and promotion of Cretan culture throughout the world. The company also has a specialized photographic team which is able to cover every kind of photographic sites with the possibility of frequent renewal of available card-postal calendars and other touristic products. The option of aerial photography to meet all the needs in the field of photography and create a complete photographic archive that will meet the needs of other companies and business supplier.
At the same time , the company has large and fully equipped warehouses covering all the variety of our products , with a modern filing system (using advanced technology ) and covers directly and in a short time the needs of customers both inside and outside Crete .