1. Print On Demand (POD)

Print On Demand (POD)

Design your very own book, essay, scrapbook, novel or working draft.Whether your book manuscript is a ready-to-print finished file or a working draft requiring editing, illustration, and printing services, we've got the resources you need to get your book into distribution cost effectively. Thanks to our vertical integrated unit, we cover all stages of publication: creative, editing, film, printing (monochrome -4chromi) provision, binding (spiral, welded, sewn, etc.).

We print on-demand!

  1. Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We photograph and videotape from any point in the sky !



Use special photographic remote controlled aircraft , helicopters manufactured with the latest in technology, with the ability to produce aerial and aerovinteo high resolution and sharpness , having absolute control of cameras from the ground. You do not need big space takeoff and landing and can direct the helicopter and therefore the cameras in places where large helicopter can not reach.

For example, we very great height of approaching too low to pass under the bridge of the pool , then having to lift the lens horizontally close to buildings , must be removed while the lens is on the rise , then we make a 360 degree tour and more! We can provide LOW COST amazing images and movies from anywhere in the sky ! Also we like making art with pop graphics editing and mixing other images eg landscapes that are nearby images interiors.Our development is in line with international developments in this area so we can provide the best results .

From our priorities number one is daily to learn that there is newer and what is the best way that can be used to offer you the best result.

A video from the second treasure hunt in the municipality Malevizi 08-02-2015   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkZlJd5aVjQ

  1. Meet our island CRETE

Meet our island CRETE


Crete has been loved by many people, who have been studied it or visited it during the centuries. Some have considered it as the most beautiful island of the world, a miniature continent. Homer refers to it as a gaia (country) and not as an island, bearing in his mind its extent and significance. The Greek philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, regarded Crete as an example of state and legislative organisation, an ark of ancient values. In our days, its touristic resorts are overrun by millions of tourists. However, there are some corners, secret and quiet places, always there for those who approach them with respect and awe. Such places are referred in many corners of megalonisos in this guide and are suggested for demanding visitors.
The beauty of Crete is a result of the simultaneous co-existence of natural and cultural environment. In Crete there are mountainous ranges resembling the Alps, deserts and small jungles, but also regions with almost arctic or almost tropical climate. One rarely meets  this variety of landscape in a region which is relatively limited. The Cretan environment is a result of a thousand-year-old interaction between the human activity and the natural world. The material culture left by human activities is placed in a perpetual dialogue with the Cretan nature, on the ridge of this oblong “wild beast which lies in the sea”. Crete is compared to a wild beast by the most distinguished of its children, Nikos Kazatzakis; a beast agatho (decent), good, bright. In one of his books he points out: “Crete was enlightened before dark Europe. And here the soul of Greece accomplished its target: it brought god to human  scale”.
Many significant Cretologists have worked hard in order  to know today the landscape of Crete and its great civilisation, which has been created here, and has formed a foundation of the classical Greek and European culture. The importance of Cretan civilisation has been proved by their research.The adventure of the inhabitants in this large Greek island can be observed through the historical periods.
The terms Prehistory, Historical Times, Neolithic, Minoan, Mycenean, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, etc. have a time, historical  and cultural significance, and not only a national or racial one.Crete experienced the great Prehistory with its peak the Minoan Civilisation, the Antievity with important cultural achievements, the Dark Ages with remarkable cultural formation: the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art and the Cretan Renaissance, as well as the Modern times marked by struggles for the national liberation and prosperity.

This text is a part from our book “CRETE”

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Order / Delivery


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Payment methods

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Transaction safety

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  1. Pelekanakis Book and Paper Store

Pelekanakis Book and Paper Store

Starting with the creation of a printing services shop in 1932, Kostas Pelekanakis had a solid base for a long course that was later reinforced by his wife Eirini with the creation of the books and stationery shop on the ground floor of the Halidon 98 street building.
In 2008 the business has moved premises. Nowadays, it is located just across the old building in Halidon 89 Street. Within the new and renovated site customers are enabled to find all the products that Pelekanakis Books & Paper Store have covered since 1932.

Moreover, within the lower level there is a  selection of school and office equipment alongside a variety of artist’s supplies. The ground floor has a sophisticated collection of international and Greek literature, traveler’s guide books, maps and post-cards.

Last but not least, upper level  includes an assortment of school supplementaries, foreign language teaching books and a cozy books presentation area that can accommodate 40 readers.

Now your favorite editions just a click away!
In 2008, Pelekanakis Books and Paper Store alongside Mystis Editions have formed a partnership in order to best serve the customers. With the development of the electronic bookstore we aim to deliver our books worldwide.
Whatever title or quantity you wish please contact us for more information!

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Terms of usage

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  1. Mystis Company

Mystis Company

Mystis company has operated for more than 25 years in the Cretan market in the field of tourism publications, with a clientele that outnumbers the 750 companies and we supply the whole of Crete .
In the best and most comprehensive coverage of business needs we supply , we enter into exclusive partnerships with publishers abroad covering all needs immediately and responsibly. The activity of Mystis Company, however, extends to the wider availability and circulation of Greek versions . In collaboration with publishers from all over Greece we have the ability to move each existing Greek version in the Cretan market.
However Mystis Company delivers its own editions. The field of our publications is mainly travel and archaeological guides , maps , architectural and photographic albums, books about nature , folklore Crete , Cretan poetry and literature, Cretan gastronomy , mythology and more. Mystis Publishing house welcomes and supports new authors throughout Crete, enhancing their efforts to publish and distribute their books everywhere in Crete, Greece and the rest of the world.
Additionally, we have an autonomous creative and translation department that is able to make accurate foreign language translations in an elaborate and diverse content.
It is important to mention that in passing the island market various Greek and a foreign publication on this contributes significantly to the dissemination and promotion of Cretan culture throughout the world. The company also has a specialized photographic team which is able to cover every kind of photographic sites with the possibility of frequent renewal of available card-postal calendars and other touristic products. The option of aerial photography to meet all the needs in the field of photography and create a complete photographic archive that will meet the needs of other companies and business supplier.
At the same time , the company has large and fully equipped warehouses covering all the variety of our products , with a modern filing system (using advanced technology ) and covers directly and in a short time the needs of customers both inside and outside Crete .
In recent years Mystis has developed the very first  travel bookshop in Crete, in the center of Heraklion which specializes in travel editions. Within our travel bookstore, customers are enabled to find both Greek and foreign editions regarding trips to Greece and abroad, and of course you can be informed of the wide range of products of the company . Our travel bookshop is the link between Mystis company and the general public and the staff is always available to listen and cater every need related Mystis field of expertise that is travel editions available in almost every language.  Mystis company with its continuous presence in international exhibitions held both in Crete and elsewhere in Greece , ensures that the specialty  of the Cretan civilization is spread throughout the world with the aid of our publications.