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Herbs, Greens, Fruit

Author: Myrsini Lampraki




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Publish date: 2006
Type: Paperback
Pages: 198
Dimensions: 24x17cm


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  •  978-960-91513
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The Ancient Greeks and Romans recognized over 1000 different species of herbs, greens and fruit. Homer wrote about 80 of these and Hippocratos and Theophrastus were familiar with over 300. Charlemagnie, in 800 AD, drew up a list of significant aromatic plants which are found in the Mediterranean. Looking through it, Herbs, Greens, Fruit, you will become acquained not only with the myths and history surrounding these plants, but also with their uses as folk medicine and their heaing values. Create your own tasty and wholesome dishes and beverages. Experiment by adding herbs, greens and fruit to your cuisine and you will be impressed by the fragrance and flavour they give to the recipes.