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The Knossos calendar

Author: Dr. Jack Dempsey


Publisher: Mystis


Price: 5,00 €

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Publish date: 2016
Type: Paperback
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 21x14cm


  •  978-618-5024-70-3
  •  978-618-5024-69-7


Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul & Political Power

• A century of archaeology proved Minoan achievement in every art of life. And yet, their
central ideas of time, political power, and the soul’s journey remained a mystery.
• Ancient cultures tied themselves closely to cycles of nature. Now, we can see this in Minoan
Crete---whose central seat of power, the Knossos throne, aligns with Winter Solstice on
the day of the sun’s annual rebirth.
• The throne, like the double-axe and “horns of consecration,” tells much more about the
Minoans’ sophisticated cycles of time, political power and spirituality.
• In The Knossos Calendar we begin to see Minoan artifacts speak to each other, of an 8½-
year cycle of the sun and moon. Its forms, rhythms, changes, and limits wove their lives in
nature into a sacred calendar---connected in turn with political organization and ideas about
life after death, all of it based squarely in their living and ancestral families.
• Why, after all, was a Minoan ruler uniquely limited to “8 or 9” years? What made Minoans
so successful in organizing their society on an island of such fiercely-independent communities?
• Why did Minoans shape some of their clothing and tombs like a double-axe? Why are
many double-axes doubled yet again? And, how did this system survive to play its part in
Homer, in Olympic Games, and in The Antikythera Mechanism?
• The Knossos Calendar uncovers the sacred astronomy at the root of Western civilization.