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The centuries-old olive trees of Crete

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Author: Manolis Tsantakis


Publisher: Mystis


Price: 48,00 €

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Publish date: Ιούνιος 2017
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Dimensions: 24x23cm


  •  978-618-5024-83-3
  •  978-618-5024-83-3


One of my favorite themes are the, literally, ancient olive trees with their huge, extraordinary trunks, shaped like living sculptures, which have always been of great interest, to artists in particular.

The island of Crete is one of the few remaining places in the world where one can still come across millennia-old olive trees—both singularly scattered and entire olive groves of them - and the only place with the world’s oldest olive trees, resonant vestiges of the long-gone Minoan civilization. Not only are these ancient trees alive, they are still productive, offering people their invaluable gift over thousands of years.

It is these thousand-year-old olive trees that I have searched for and photographed for more than 10 years now, throughout Crete.

And yet…human ignorance and greed has led to the unthinkable uprooting of these trees and the planting of new ones in their place, in the hope of a more bountiful yield.

Other causes for their uprooting include public works, road construction, logging for firewood, even their marketing abroad!

My goal is to record this entire research in a photographic album, in the hope that the information included will encourage more people to awaken to the cultural and historical value of those ancient olive trees, so that both common folk and the authorities may be motivated towards their protection.

The publication will include photographic material of old, now abandoned olive press factories and also pictures from the collection of olives in modern day olive groves, as well as from the process of pressing and production of olive oil in modern factories, accompanied by informative texts and captions.

It will also include important information from specialists and a selection of unique poems by outstanding poets, specially written for this publication.

I am therefore calling upon all of you willing to help in the realization of this project by making a contribution to this enormous effort for the salvation and public display of the last remaining ancient olive groves on this planet!