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Honey in our lives

Author: Myrsini Lampraki




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Publish date: 2003
Type: Paperback
Pages: 125
Dimensions: 24x17cm


  •  978-960-406-619-3
  •  978-960-91513-9-6
  •  978-960-91513-9-6


Honey is not just a sweetener, but it is a unique natural product with nutrients necessary for human health. The Myrsine Lambrakis original manner and based on historical and scientific evidence shows the key role of honey in the diet of Greek antiquity to the present day, it emphasizes the therapeutic effect, considering all types of honey, provides useful information for crystallization and its conservation, highlighting the uniqueness of Greek honey and, most importantly, for your cooking 100 healthy recipes (from appetizers and salads to main dishes and, of course, desserts) that are the main component of honey.