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Lefka Ori

Author: Archives Company


Publisher: Samaria National Park Management Body


Price: 12,00 €

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Publish date: 2019
Type: Paperback
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 21x14cm


  •  978-618-84097-0-5
  •  978-618-84097-1-2


Lefka Ori have justly been described as a treasure of nature: a treasure that has salvaged biodiversity and culture. The intense geological processes and the heavy hammer of evolution, over the past two million years, produced unique syntheses of organisms that won the struggle for their survival and which today comprise the rich and distinctive biodiversity recorded, with a plethora of endemic forms living in a unique and diverse landscape.
In this book, where some of the work done by dozens of scientists and travelers is depicted, we have attempted to describe certain moments from the natural history of the Lefka Ori, as well as to give a brief and simple presentation  of the plants, animals and the ecosystems of the protected area. Through discovery we love, and by loving we preserve.