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Crete Mediterranean Micrography

Author: Anastasios Sakoulis Jules Glampedakis


Publisher: Mystis


Price: 23,50 € 16,45 €

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Publish date: 2013
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 216
Dimensions: 24x23cm


  •  978-960-6655-93-7
  •  978-960-6655-94-4
  •  978-960-6655-95-1
  •  978-960-6655-96-8
  •  978-960-6655-97-5


For the first time follow these charismatic nature photographers in a journey that lasted no less than ten years. Their willing to grasp images of the wild animals of the air, the land and the sea is well documented in this modest volume of their selected works.

Enjoy rare and common species of unparallel beauty in their respective habitats, undisturbed and ready to indulge you with their magnificent stories and personalities.

More than a photographic collection, this presentation is assembled in the hope that it will serve as an ever-lasting reminder to our noble origins and to our higher obligations in the years to come.