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Author: Georgios Mpampiniotis


Publisher: Lexicology Center


Price: 54,00 €

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Publish date: 2011
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 1720
Dimensions: 24x17cm


  •  978-960-9582-00-1


The most comprehensive etymological dictionary of Modern Greek which actually depicts the history of Greek vocabulary. The essential etymological resource for the expert and the perfect book for the word lover.

Over 35.000 entries
Reliable and in-depth etymological information based on linguistic literature and textual sources
Detailed discussion of word formation connected with the most important derivatives and compound.
Equal attention paid to both form and meaning development of the words
Fascinating and readable stories of interesting words, word families and remote cognates within Indo-European languages
Historical notes about word coinages and corpus indications on the first occurrence of words
Useful tables with loanwords and travelling (reborrowed) words, which focus on language contacts and influences
Clear and explicit explanation of most spelling variants of Modern Greek