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Author: Nikos. I. Xirotiris


Publisher: Mystis


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Publish date: 2017
Type: Paperback
Pages: 624
Dimensions: 24x17cm


  •  978-618-5024-42-0
  •  978-618-5024-42-0



Κ. Simitopoulou
B. Kaufmann
Κ. Ζafeiris
T. Theodorou
C. Papageorgopoulou

…to our mentor…

This publication is the product of respect and affection towards our mentor, professor Nikolaos I. Xirotiris, a “Ulysses” in Anthropology, a man “who travelled far and wide, … many cities did he visit, and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was acquainted”, whom we were fortunate to encounter at critical turning points in our lives. Some of us are fully his spiritual children, while others, such as his contemporaries and collaborators, were substantially influenced by his world view and his unwavering

This is no typical academic publication, as is immediately evident. It is multilingual, in the cosmopolitan spirit of the man who has inspired it, multidisciplinary and multifaceted, as Anthropology should be. It broadly reflects the range of activities of the Anthropology Laboratory of the Demokritos University of Thrace, which was created and flourished
thanks to the vision of its founder and his hard and selfless work as well as that of his collaborators, who also shared this vision. His doctoral and former Erasmus students, wellknown academics and, primarily, friends, who share the aspirations forged by the long-term
collaborations of the European scientific networks, have contributed to this publication.

Following a long and successful academic career in Europe, Nikolaos Xirotiris returned to Greece, initially as an associate professor at the University of Crete and then as professor at the Demokritos University of Thrace, mature enough to transfer his knowledge and experience to his country of birth. Nikolaos Xirotiris settled in Komotini in 1991, at the
time a totally unknown intellectual backwater as far as Anthropology was concerned, and, in the twenty years of his residence there, managed to “show us the forest” thanks to his missionary dedication.
He introduced us to the unending search for scientific knowledge and unbiased, often awkward, “truth,” brought us into direct contact with leading figures in Anthropology and, as a friend and professor at the University of Copenhagen aptly observed, “placed Komotini on the world map”, as more than forty successful international scientific meetings were organized there under the direction of Xirotiris, thanks to his own international contacts.

What remains of all this after his retirement from active service, given Greece’s current state of affairs? A fully equipped research laboratory with the potential to be put to advantage by his successors, a “school” of holistic anthropological thinking, which it is our responsibility to keep alive, and, most importantly, a legacy and constant inducement to
independent thinking, hard work and compliance with the scientific code of ethics.

We hope that this publication will inspire keen and insightful young scientists who are ready to follow in his Anthropological Pathways.

Your friends and students in gratitude....