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365 places, 365 tastes

Author: Myrsini Lampraki




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Publish date: 2007
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 378
Dimensions: 24x17cm


  •  978-960-8460-94-2
  •  978-960-8460-94-2


Writing, photographing and designing this "365" left us all to finish an exciting gastronomic journey which has only one final destination: the heart of Greek flavor!

The local Greek cuisine and gastronomy is part of an authentic culture; a culture that focuses on the use particular food culture, which is directly tied to local products, geography, climate and people.

The emergence of local cuisine is a relatively modern trend of global gastronomy, which has allowed us in recent years in Greece to break the strong ties between the so-called "national cuisine". So rediscover home food, smells, colors, aromas and even names the last decade there were as unfamiliar words in modern Greek culinary dictionary: Shoddy, Bourani, Fogatsa, frigadelia, katmeria ...

The importance of this shift is evident. A new culinary philosophy settled in our restaurants -akolouthoun hope and homemade us- balanced, simple and expressive apenochopoiountai dishes from rustic structure and a new dining concept that ultimately reveals the tasty is not necessarily complicated.

Quality raw materials with geographical location and name: gruyere Naxos stamnagathi Crete, potatoes Nevrokopiou, noumboulo Corfu. Standardized .. and not only a delicious and retain their character even in the final dish.

This book through its wonderful photographs, first attempting to convey to us a sense of the culture, traditions and argosyrton particular place.

Moreover, let us not forget that one of the greatest factors in shaping the culinary terrain and climatic conditions.